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Naruto wants to start a family. The rest of Konaha doesn&39;t take the change so well.

There is also a large amount of.


This takes place during the fight with Zabuza and Haku, in which Naruto is a girl, and this time her name. . Ok, genderbending in a story that didn't already have it is a big no, unless super-well-done.

I have four stories that involve gender bending that I am working on, one is a comedy like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, the second is a smutfic, the third is a time travel fic with a.

. Browse through and read genderneutral fanfiction stories and books. .

Naruto wakes up one morning in the form of a very beautiful girl under the name of Minako. ALSO, I DO NOT OWN YOU.

naruto and all the other teams are out on a mission lady tsunade gave to them but while they are on.

GenderBend all Naruto characters.

I like FF and FD, arson, explosives, (Other hobbies you enjoy), and hanging out with my best friend Naruto. Author Shadownumera.

. "Please, if you become Hokage you&39;ll be much worse than I am.

If the fic is written in English it&39;s okay to make use of its grammar and use gender neutral pronouns for the reader.
I agree that the show isn't very gender neutral, and female characters are written worse than male.
As for nicknames, you can always use something that refers more so to the character rather than the reader.



Browse through and read gender neutral story fanfiction stories and books. . .

So it's about the otaku boy, Aijin that almost dies but first meet the spirit of lust. When you decide you cant live like this anymore, cant idly sit and let. It might be lemon in this if you don't like futa or futa on male then don't read this. I&39;ve always been fascinated by the ancient times of almost all anime that has an ancient past. Bwaha. Fem.

Ive read one where his bloodline from minato was actually an indecisive gender and Naruto just.

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Ok, genderbending in a story that didn't already have it is a big no, unless super-well-done.


Possible smut as well.

with this and a sister figure he will rock the world and make an impact on the shinobi.